Choosing the right time period

We are one of the foremost companies working with sash windows Northumberland has. Like with any design, they will eventually begin breaking down. That does not mean you need to replace them though. Instead you can take steps to restore these vital features. Said steps should involve you contacting us so we can work our magic on them.

Style and function

Sash windows NorthumberlandIt is critical for you to think about the style and function of your sash windows. There is a great deal to consider with them. This includes everything from using materials faithful to the period and opting for contemporary glazing. The sashes can augment a classic conversion or self-build. Moreover, they can reshape a declining renovation project.

The style is especially important. When deciding on designs for period-style buildings, you have to get the correct time period. Several style changes and developments took place with sash windows over the years. Since this is the case, you can’t get caught out or they won’t fit the property.

Traditionally, sashes had a myriad of compact panes or ‘lights’. The frame held them in position with glazing bars. The design produces a bigger glazed area. At the time, glass manufacturing was not sophisticated enough to create large panes so this was the best option to create a window for a large opening.

The periods

six over six sash windowThe period of your house is what will decide the amount of panes in every sash. With Georgian, the six over six layout is typical. However, giant eight over eight windows were also possible.

For Victorian, the two over two was the favourite design. Of course, throughout the entire period, you can find other configurations. For example you could find a sash window possessing one light and several sidelights.

As for Edwardian, the most common design was six over two panes. There are variations here too though, just like with Victorian.

Talk to us about sash windows in Northumberland

At David Humble, it is our job to bring your windows back to full functionality. Using our perimeter sealing system, we can get the job done quickly as well as effectively. We will ensure every single window looks stunning.

So, if you need help from the leading company excelling in sash windows Northumberland has, come to us. We can offer small repairs, full restoration, and more.