Oil the windows and take care of rattles

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandYou will want to do everything you can to preserve every part of your property. However, there is a particular area you should focus on, and it is one we specialise in ourselves. We are the leading company excelling in sash window restoration Northumberland has. Our techniques are practical and can deliver the results you desire.

Sash windows have been fashionable for over three centuries. This is due to their timeless design. As a result, making the effort to maintain them can keep your property looking timeless too. With the right attention and care, they can endure for years. From time to time though, they could do with a bit of maintenance. If you keep reading, you will find out some of the top tips for preservation.


You should oil your windows for smoother operation. This will aid you greatly in maintaining them. Moreover, you can minimise any back issues you might suffer attempting to free a window aggressively when it is stuck. Rubbing oil or wax into your hinges, frame, and every pulley and inside features shall help you loosen the window enough. Silicone frequently works for oiling stuck windows. This is because it doesn’t leave sticky residue and is colourless.

Enough rattling

Take the time to eliminate those rattles and draughts as well. You won’t know that your window rattles until the wind starts blowing and you find yourself lying in bed awake because of the noise. In a perfect world, your sash windows will fit in just fine. You will be free of gaps and you won’t hear rattling regardless of how windy it is. This is what it will be like initially with sash windows. However, in time wear and tear can create wider gaps around the frame. To resolve the issue, you should do some draught proofing.

Arrange sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we will look at the current state of your windows and see what work is necessary to return everything to normal. We are incredibly flexible here and we always find a way of achieving the best outcome.

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