Combining history with modernity

For those who live in traditional English houses, there is a desire to balance the classical look of the home with a need to modernise and make it more energy efficient. It is easy to assume that this means replacing sash window frames with more modern designs, as most historic sash windows were not designed or made at a time when energy efficiency was a consideration. However, there are alternative solutions, which mean you may not need to replace them altogether.

We provide professional sash window restoration throughout Northumberland and the North East, and we go beyond the work of bringing back their original appearance. We also introduce modern advantages, giving you the benefit of features such as increased energy efficiency and a higher level of security. We are always focused on ensuring that the historic appearance of your sash windows is preserved, despite these additional features being incorporated.

In terms of energy efficiency, old sash windows which have not been restored or altered over the years can be prone to draughtiness and letting heat escape, which of course is a key waste of energy. Should this be the case for the window frames in your home, we would urge you to call our team to see if we can get them up to the required efficiency standards before you commit to replacing them.

There is no standard way in which we restore sash windows, as each window and property is unique. Instead, we will always inspect and evaluate your frames as they are, and deliver a restoration solution specifically designed to bring the best out of them. We understand that home owners want to maintain the traditional look of sash windows, but that concerns such as energy efficiency must take a priority. Our sash window restoration services enable you to do both, so you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics of your traditional property.