Perimeter sealing will prevent draughts

Sash windows have their own unique beauty and contribute hugely to the character of a building. In many cases they are a valuable indication of the age of the property, especially when they have original frames and glass. They need to be carefully maintained to retain them in their best condition, especially if the frame is made of timber. With professional services and repairs, this can be accomplished.

One of the most common issues with sash windows is draughts. The design requires gaps so that the panes can slide to open the window. This can allow air to flow into the property. Over time, the timber frames may become worn and warped or the glass may shift position, resulting in more severe draughts.

The draught issue has been apparent for centuries and over the years sash window specialists have used various methods of tackling the problem, including the creation of draught proofing and sealing systems. These can be used to effectively stop draughts and also reduce the amount of heat that escapes the property. This offers double the benefits and means the efficiency of the windows can be improved as well as eliminating the draughts.

As Northumberland-based sash window restoration specialists, we understand the problems that draughts can cause, making it more difficult to heat rooms and causing distracting noises. We regularly tackle many different types of draught problems for our clients and are committed to making your traditional windows work for modern life.

We often suggest a perimeter sealing system to our clients, as this will retain the aesthetics of the window while also helping to prevent draughts and rattling. As an added benefit, these systems also make it easier to remove windows in the future to carry out other maintenance when required.

If you are experiencing draughty sash windows and would like advice and practical support to resolve the issue, please contact us. We can offer free surveys to give you clear information on the overall condition of your sash windows, make recommendations for repairs and provide a quote for the work. We strive to deliver the highest quality service and ensure you don’t have to give up your beloved sash windows because of issues with draughts.