Common hardwoods and softwoods for sash windows

Timber is a more adaptable substance if you compare to UPVC. As such, wooden windows like sash models come in multiple forms. With them, it is essential to understand the specific materials they are made of. This is important for things like cost, insulation, and durability. Also, it helps to show what kind of maintenance they will need. It helps to let us know the type of timber if you ever need sash window restoration in Northumberland too.

Two groups

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandThe first thing you should know is that timbers are divided into softwood and hardwood. You can differentiate the two by saying one is harder than the other. However, it is more complicated than that. The structure of the wood is where it gets interesting.

Hardwood originates from deciduous trees like Beech or Oak. It comes with unique pores within the cellular structure. These make it far denser than other options.

Softwood comes from coniferous trees. They are evergreen and don’t lose their leaves. On a cellular level, things are different. Their structure leads to them being much softer.

It is also worth noting that softwood is more sustainable because it takes less time to grow. You will find the woods are more readily available thanks to this.

Now you know more about the main groups, let’s look at some specific types of wood in each category. It will help you to know what to look for and what to expect from sash window restoration in Northumberland.



This is a dark wood that has a colour between brown-red and rich red. The dark colour and fine lines make it popular for individuals who want windows with great aesthetics. You’ll find the style distinct. Most importantly, it is a durable timber that’s stable for windows.


When people want the aesthetics of mahogany but something more cost efficient, this is a great choice. It is cheaper whilst still being durable and strong. The reddish-brown hardwood possesses similar attributes. The straight grains also make it great for painting. Plus, it is more sustainable.

Red Meranti

It comes in a plethora of sub-species, so there are a lot of densities and colours. Grown in South East Asia, it naturally resists insect attacks and decay. Despite not taking preservatives easily, it is great value for money for windows.


European Redwood

This is the most common timber for sash window manufacturing. It is available in several variants, like Baltic Pine, Scots Pine, and Scandinavian Pine. Compared to other options, it’s not as durable. However, the availability makes it popular. The wood has moderate resistance to decay, but you must paint it frequently for good weather protection.

Douglas Fir

Finally we have a premium softwood that grows all over the world. For years, it has been popular due to its excellent heat insulation. It also comes with natural fire resistance attributes and can resist chemical abrasion. The downside is it can be vulnerable to splitting and is brittle.

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