Sash security and maintenance go hand in hand

Sash windows provide many advantages to their homeowners. As a result, you need to understand all you can about them. We can help with this, sharing the extensive knowledge we have gained as the top provider of sash window restoration in Northumberland.

What we want to discuss here are security tips you can use to better protect your property. A lot of what we’ll go over here ties into maintenance, so keep that in mind.

Preserving cleanliness

Firstly, you should make sure your windows are clean. If you’re wiping your glass using paper towels, you are doing it wrong. You’re pushing the dirt around your sash on the pane whilst producing unnecessary static on your glass. It will attract more dust and filth. Glass cleaner and microfibre cloth are great tools for window cleaning. What’s more, this method is environmentally friendly. It stops you from putting filthy paper towels in your bin.

Preserve the smooth working of your sash windows

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandNext you should ensure you keep your sashes sliding open and closed smoothly. You will minimise any back problems you might encounter when trying to force a stuck window open. It also reduces the risk of damaging anything. Rub wax or oil into the frames, hinges, and other interior and pulley elements. This will ensure that the window remains loose, letting you operate it with ease.

Maintain the insulation

Badly insulated windows can allow as much as 25% of heat to escape. Gaps enable cold air to enter whilst letting the warm air escape. So, you’ll end up needing to pay more for energy, something you won’t want. One way to keep the insulation in shape is replacing worn seals to lower air leaks. Come to us if you need the leading services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Be proactive with painting

Wooden sash windows look fantastic but often need a coat of paint for extra protection. This isn’t a one-and-done job though. You need to redo it every now and again as it suffers from wear. Doing it will help you to avoid rotting wood. At the same time, you’ll enhance the aesthetics. To help safeguard your windows from the outsides, it’s advised you repaint them every 4 years.

No sticking

A window that sticks is a standard problem that sash owners have. The main cause tends to be an inadequate paint job that basically seals the sashes. If you find paint on the windowsill or frame, use a sharp tool to scrape it off so it isn’t sealing it.

Ensure your sash window is secure

You can install extra stops and locks or blocks in the windows. This can stop sashes from opening past the suitable height. As a result, it can prevent anyone from crawling in through the window or falling out. The latter is a major concern for parents with young children.

Examine regularly for signs of deterioration

Rot is a prevalent long-term concern with wooden sashes. Any external timbers can suffer from it. Fungus thrives in damp wood, and the more your sash wears down, the more moisture can get in and encourage growth. Do some frequent inspections to make sure your windows are in good condition. Check for areas where paint may be peeling or missing as well as any soft spots.

Keep your windows in shape with sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we work to ensure your windows can continue meeting the high standards they are capable of. The areas we excel in include restoration, renovation, and repair. When sash windows deteriorate with time, it is important to attend to them before a replacement becomes necessary. We can do that for you.

So, if you’re after the top services for sash window restoration Northumberland has, call us today. Our exceptional workmanship is a great investment.