Curtain styles you should consider for sash windows

Sash windows are among the most alluring features of any property. However, they will only stay this way if you look after them correctly. We help with this by offering the finest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has. Our team uses the highest quality equipment and most efficient techniques for repairs.

The sash window is an excellent feature that any homeowner should be happy to have. It is not difficult for one to become the statement piece of your home. Yet, despite the aesthetically pleasing qualities and impressive features, the windows are hard to dress. Homeowners will require shade from the sun and privacy from others. At the same time, they cannot obscure their sashes or they hide a wonderful feature.

Dressing the sash

So, how are you supposed to successfully dress your sash in a way that looks good and blends with your property? We can help you with this. To do so, we are going to offer advice on some of the most suitable curtain styles for sash windows. Our intention is to aid you in complementing your windows, regardless of how you design your house.

Sheer voile curtains

You might be someone that enjoys a house that is full of daylight. If so, you will want to avoid large heavy curtains that block it. A decent alternative can be a pair of sheer voile curtains. This particular style introduces an airy and dry feel to a room. Also, it gives you privacy from people passing by, whilst letting enough natural light in.

These curtains are the perfect choice for areas like dining rooms, offices, and lounges. They will complement your sashes and show them off as the room’s focal point. At the same time, they won’t obstruct the natural elegance.

Floor length curtains

For a homely, cosy feel, these curtains are the answer. They give sash windows a beautiful framing effect. It is pleasing on the eye and also complements the home’s interior.

This type of curtain is a versatile choice as well because you are free to hang and tie them back in numerous ways. To give an example, it is possible to hang them on a classic curtain pole. Alternatively, you can sweep them out of the way using a nice tie or add a lovely hem. The options are limitless and you are able to add little details in to catch everyone’s attention.

What about shutters?

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandFor a professional, functional, and practical look, traditional shutters are the way forward. An excellent way of adding a personal touch, you can customise them to fit your home’s style. Moreover, traditional models are a wonderful way to get the right light balance in your property. If you adjust the louvres, you are free to control the quantity of natural light entering a room. This keeps the room lighter in winter and cool in summer.

For property owners residing on busy streets, you could use cafe style shutters. These will cover the bottom half of your windows for that extra privacy on street level. Speak to us if you need the leading services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Sash window blinds

If shutters aren’t quite your thing, there is always blinds. This is a good choice for families. They are functional and not difficult to use. You also don’t need to clean them as often. Plus, they come in various designs, shades, and styles. The right choice can add elegance and colour to a room as well. You can install them easily and they won’t limit your view.

Soft drapes

These are an excellent addition to sash windows. What’s more, you can pair them with curtains, shutters, or blinds in many cases. Soft drapes introduce a bit of colour to your windows. Furthermore, they can offer a great floating touch to the area. Everything will feel more comfortable and relaxed this way for newcomers.

Use us for sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we show clients that there is more than one way to deal with an old sash. Usually, people would simply opt to replace it. When the damage isn’t too severe however, a refurbishment is entirely possible. It can be more cost effective and save one of your property’s best features.

So, if you would like to use the leading services for sash window restoration Northumberland has, please let us know. We can advise you about what we can do.