Do functionality, weather proofing, and security checks in spring

Spring is here and the best way to let the sun in is by opening your windows. You could be the proud owner of original timber sash windows. If so, this is the ideal time to perform a springtime inspection. It is something every responsible property owner must do frequently. At minimum, you must do checks once a year. Then, if you notice issues you can come to us for the best sash window restoration in Northumberland.

Sash windows are a lovely feature that you must treasure. Yet, they need attention at times to keep them in top form. Neglect, as well as exposure to the elements, can result in complications over time. Our team knows a few things about looking after sashes. It is our recommendation that you take advantage of the spring to look at your windows more closely. The following are the most important checks you should do.

Functionality checks

sash window restoration NorthumberlandFirst, the most important thing for your windows is that you must be able to close and open them. See whether they slide easily and smoothly. Look at the sash weights, pulleys, and cords. Move your window up and down to ensure the mechanism is functioning.

If you have a window that sticks, has been painted shut, or isn’t opening correctly, you’ll need repairs. It is the same if the sash isn’t closing as it should. It is better to get a repair during the warmer months. Treat the matter with urgency too. The longer you leave things, the more expensive everything will be later. Come to us if you need the foremost services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

People who are competent in DIY might think they can handle things themselves. But, it is always a safer bet to work with our expert team. We possess the tools, knowledge, and experience to do the repairs. We can do them efficiently and quickly as well, offering you peace of mind.

Weatherproofing checks

Your windows are there to safeguard you from the elements. They must endure everything the British weather can throw at them, from the occasional sun to heavy rain and ice or snow. They come into constant contact with the weather. If they are timber, they’re even more vulnerable.

When wood takes in moisture from the air, it expands. This can make your sashes sticky and more difficult to slide. Without the right protection, the continued contraction and expansion can cause cracked paintwork. In turn, it will allow more moisture into your wood, making the problem worse. The end result can be rot.

So, it is critical to examine your window frames and sills. Check to see if the paintwork is still in decent condition or if it needs redecorating. Afterwards, prod the timber using a screwdriver or finger. It can help you to confirm the material isn’t showing indications of softness. That can be a sign of damp. If you come across any signs of wood rot or water damage, call the experts.

Home security checks

The majority of burglars gain entry via the windows. Examining the security and safety of sashes is essential for every homeowner. If you have locked yourself out of the home before, you might have got back in through a window. Here, you will realise how vulnerable to criminals you are.

What you should do is make sure that all your windows have effective locks. Check that they are in use when it matters most too, like at night when your home is empty. If you have original single glazed sash windows, think of upgrading to double glazed models. These function as an extra home security measure because they are harder to break through. In addition, they help to insulate your property.

We recommend sash window restoration in Northumberland over replacements

At David Humble, we show clients that replacements aren’t the only solution to their problems. Our restoration work allows you to keep the windows you have and can save money in the process. We are a flexible team too, one that works on various properties. Thanks to our approachable and friendly nature, we are easy to work with.

So, if you need the top services for sash window restoration Northumberland has, give us a call. We can provide advice, a quote, and more.