Wooden sash windows surpass uPVC alternatives

With sash windows, people typically find themselves choosing between wooden or uPVC designs. There is much to consider here. However, wood has the edge over their uPVC counterparts. We’re going to explain why below. Then, if you need sash window restoration in Northumberland, we can help.


Sash window restoration NorthumberlandTo start with, let’s talk about the design. If you’re aiming to stay true to the character of the building, wood is the way to go. By opting to preserve the original look and design of your structure, you will receive a more authentic, elegant finish. You are making efforts to save your community’s architectural heritage.

Wooden sashes offer considerably more flexibility of design if you compare to uPVC ones. The latter is bulkier and normally comes with double glazing. You can make wooden windows with elegant, thinner section sizes, as well as thin glazing bars. Moreover, you can use slimline double glazing.

Another fact is that wooden designs provide a wider selection of colours. This includes a ‘dual colour’ where the interior has a different shade to the exteriors. There is more hardware too.

On the other side, uPVC sashes only come with spring balances. The original pulleys and weights that wooden ones tend to have aren’t there. Additionally, windows like these are heavy to lift. They are also frequently designed to open outwards instead of going up and down. If you need the best services for sash window restoration Northumberland has, contact us.

Cost and longevity

Another important detail to discuss is cost and longevity. There is a lot to think about when comparing them. In the short term, uPVC will be cheaper. However, the longer stretch presents several cost disadvantages. For one thing, property prices are influenced by how the exterior looks. As a result, the elegant, authentic aesthetic of wooden windows is a superior investment. This is if you are aiming to maximise your property’s value.

Next, uPVC windows won’t last as long as correctly maintained wooden sashes. This material is a porous one that is able to discolour after 10 to 20 years. Also, uPVC can turn brittle and yellow when exposed to the sun. Unlike wooden models, you can’t repair and repaint them. When they discolour, you’d need to do a full replacement.

The environment

The last important detail on our list is the environment. When you’re picking environmentally friendly sash windows, opt for sustainable wood. The trouble with uPVC is that it is derived from oil. This isn’t a sustainable resource, and it is a reducing one. It harms the environment. Also, it’s hard to recycle. The fate for uPVC is going to the landfill, where it takes a century to decompose at minimum. So, wood has the clear advantage.

We’re flexible and friendly with sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we can work on all sorts of properties. Another fact about us is that we are approachable and friendly. This allows us to provide a superior level of customer service. We can maintain your windows while giving you all the information you need on them at the same time.

So, let us know if you need the leading services for sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer. We will do everything we can to reinvigorate yours.