Don’t be so quick to throw away your old sash windows

When they need help with sash window repair Northumberland residents come to us. Like the assets we are fixing, we perform to the highest standards. We take anything that appears out of date and restore it to its prime. When we finish, the windows will be back to their best and you will get to keep enjoying them.


Sash window repair NorthumberlandCommon issues with old sash windows include worn cords and cracks in the putty. Other examples would be broken joints, rotten timber, and unbalanced weights. Sashes and frames that have shrunk or swollen shall result in draughts. Rattling and sticking are other problems.

Furthermore, old sashes tend to have single glazing. This means they have far inferior heat insulation. Thin original glass enables the cold to come through and allows heat to escape. This means homeowners will find themselves struggling to keep rooms warm.

Your sash windows could fit this description. If so, the last thing you should do is rush to rip them out and install a new kind of window. The replacement could completely ruin the look of the property. A better option is to get a full restoration, especially if you have a period home.

There are fixes

However, you might not be in a position to revamp your draughty sash windows completely. If you are not, you will be happy to hear you can perform several draught proofing fixes on your current frames.

This work can be somewhat complex. In addition, there is the danger of causing more harm, especially with old frames. This is the case if you don’t use a professional. Therefore, our recommendation is to always get help from us as we are window experts.

Sash window repair in Northumberland

At David Humble, we provide cheaper alternatives to replacing your windows. They are environmentally friendly options too. When you look after them properly, sashes can really stand the test of time.

If you require the greatest services for sash window repair Northumberland has, be sure to contact us. We can arrange everything and ensure you get the best result.