Is it safe to have sash windows in a house with children?

With age, every window is going to show signs of deterioration. We are a business that focuses on restoring them, especially old sashes. Our team uses the best equipment and techniques to do each job. For this reason and many others, we are the foremost establishment specialising in sash window renovation Northumberland has.

Child safety

Sash window renovation NorthumberlandPeople ask many important questions about sash windows. One is whether they are safe with kids in the house. It is natural for people to ask this. After all, children are accident prone and curious. This is not a good mix when a sash can open really wide. It is always worth your time to find out how you could make the installations safer. With older sashes in particular, this is a crucial consideration. Here locks are typically looser, which makes it easier for children to open them.

You will be happy to hear that it is entirely possible to keep the kids safe around these windows. What you need to do is make certain they can’t open them too much. See to it that the children can’t get too close either.

Childproofing sash windows

Making sash windows childproof is not a complex job. Simply purchase some child safety window restrictors. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are compact bolts. You fit them into the side of the window’s higher section. This limits its opening. You operate them using a unique key for extra safety. In addition, you fit them at heights inaccessible for young children.

The sash could be raised over 10cm. If this is the case, then the bolts come into play. They stop anyone from lifting it beyond this point. As a result the opening is going to be too small for it to be any risk to your kids. Anyone wishing to open the windows further when there are no children can unlock the bolts with the key. You can then work the window like you normally would.

Sash window renovation in Northumberland

At David Humble, we see to it that our efforts last for as long as they possibly can. Whenever there is trouble with the glass, we use recycled panes at every given opportunity. We will attempt to stay as close to the original as we can as well.

If you require the finest sash window renovation Northumberland has, please speak to us. We offer first rate services and lots of advice too.