Don’t destroy your period property’s value

Your windows are an important part of your home. This is why you need to care for them. David Humble is the person to call for the foremost sash window restoration Northumberland loves.

Sash windows are a beautiful feature, especially in period properties. They play a big part in how your property looks. But, incorrect restoration or replacement can destroy the value.

Many people looking into buying a period property want these original features. Even if you’re thinking that you don’t want to sell, it can ruin the appearance. Newer windows often look out of place. Also, low quality work may leave your sashes worse off. Replacing isn’t the easiest solution when we’re here.

Fight The Signs Of Aging

Everything ages. This happens faster when people do little or poor maintenance. If your sash windows are suffering from age or damage, we can help.

While we work to restore your windows, any repairs we do are with care. This means that we try to hold on to as much of the original details as possible. Retaining these outstanding features in your home provides many benefits.

What We Can Do For Your Windows

Professional restoration can do wonders for the energy efficiency as well as security. Updating these features is easy, without having to replace your windows.

We can deal with any draughts, rattling, or breaks with speed and efficiency. You’ll discover the beauty and functionality all over again.

Original wooden sash windows are much better for the environment. You can recycle these at the end of their life, unlike uPVC windows.

Contact Professionals

Our service is a cost effective one, and eco friendly too. David Humble has carried out many restorations. Through this knowledge and expertise, you get a high quality finish.

Contact us today to receive the best results you could hope for. We carry out sash window restoration Northumberland relies on. We work to give you amazing looks as well as function too.