Be careful when painting your sash windows

Sadly windows can start to look worn with age. This may be due to something like poor maintenance or exposure to the weather. One option for sash window restoration Northumberland could choose other than our service is adding a layer of paint. This can help to make them look newer or suit your tastes.

If you do decide to paint your windows, be sure to do it with care. If you don’t you could damage them or cause problems.

Always prepare windows

Preparation is crucial to a good finish. Likely you’ll be using things such as a primer, undercoat and topcoat to help the paint last. Otherwise you could end up with it flaking and looking bad again.

One thing we see a lot is people not taking enough care and as a result, they paint their windows shut. If you do this or have restricted the movement, freeing them takes patience and caution.

Many people will notice problems and try to fix them on their own. While this is fine for those who know what they’re doing, remember to take care of your windows in the long run. If you have draught excluders, they cannot be painted over as this can stop them working.

A vital thing to remember is that paint is not a fix. If you notice something such as rot, you must ensure you deal with it in the correct way. Paint over a rotten section and you can look the moisture in where it will do even more damage.

Look To A Professional Restorer

If you think that your sash windows don’t look as great as they once did, contact us. With all the experience and knowledge from helping so many people, David Humble can help you get both quality and function back.

A sash window can make your home look timeless, adding a beautiful feature that stands out. Not only can the windows improve the appearance but they can also increase the value of your home. Keep yours in great shape by choosing a quality service and doing regular maintenance.

David Humble is the person to trust with your needs. Specialising in the best sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer, we have a wealth of knowledge. As a result we can help you to keep them in great shape for as long as possible. Feel free to contact us today.