Double or secondary glazing?

It is in your best interest to keep the windows on your home intact. With sashes in particular, they are a feature that people always love to look at. If you make the effort to keep them intact, it shall enhance the value of the property. We can help you here by offering sash window restoration Northumberland clients can count on.

When it comes to the glass of their windows, people often struggle with the terms double and secondary glazing. There are similarities but they have their differences. It is important to understand them so that you don’t end up with the wrong one.

An insight into both options

Starting with double glazing, they have two sheets of glass that have a gap between them. This generates an insulating barrier. The gap generally contains a heavy inert gas or a vacuum. Both options minimise the movement of heat from one of the window’s sides to the other.

As for secondary glazing, you install a supplementary pane of glass on the interior of a single-glazed window. These can be permanent or temporary depending on the requirements.

Heat loss

sash window restoration NorthumberlandOne of the most important questions to answer here is which one does the better job at lowering heat loss. Energy efficiency is one of the main reasons why we need to repair our windows.

You will be happy to find out that both options do a decent job here. That being said, double glazing has twice the efficiency as secondary. By trading in your single glazing windows for double, you could save around £150 on your heating annually. With secondary, expect to save roughly £75 a year.

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Acoustic insulation

Both types of glazing also do well when it comes to acoustic insulation. As for which of the two is better though, secondary takes this round. As opposed to double glazed sealed units, the two separate glass pieces here function as individual barriers to noise transmission. The larger the cavity between your two panels, the greater the dampening is going to be. As a result, double glazing, which comes with panes that are rather close together, isn’t as efficient at noise reduction.

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