Is it possible to repair rot?

People love sash windows because they make their properties stand out. However, this only lasts if you take care of them properly. When they deteriorate, the windows have an opposite effect. What you will have instead is a series of eyesores. If you find yourself in this situation, you should work with us. We are the foremost company working in sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Neglect leads to rot

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandThe frames on wooden sash windows are long term investments for the property. By maintaining and cleaning them, they will last for years. However, a lack of care and inspection will lead to the frames not lasting all that long. If there is too much neglect, rot can and will begin to set in. That is going to harm the frames. This will affect the insulation and security. After the rot sets in, it will carry on spreading until the entire frame becomes compromised.

Thankfully, it is possible to repair rotten sills and frames. Treating wood rot is also a simple and swift job. In many cases all it takes is some wood filler and some hands-on work. The most important thing here is to catch the rot early. That will confine it to a small area.

Speak to our team if you need help from the best company specialising in sash window restoration Northumberland has. We can take care of the rot for you.

A judgement call

There aren’t any hard lines on when someone can’t and can perform wooden rot repair. It is always going to come down to a judgement call. It’s only recommended that you make repairs if there is a little bit of rot. If more than 10% of your frame is showing signs, it is better to not attempt a repair.

A huge amount of wood rot shall destabilise the frame, leading to a massive issue. If the repair job looks like it will be big, you might be better replacing the frame. That may sound expensive, but it won’t be if it is just the single frame on one window.

Even though repairing rotten wooden windows is simple, it is best as a last resort. You are much better off preventing the rot in the first place. Maintenance and constant checks of the frames shall aid you here. Simply take a few steps two or three times in the year to keep your frames in top condition. Check, clean, fill, and treat them to reduce the risk of issues.

Quality sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we provide renovation services that are far cheaper than replacements. The price might be lower, but the quality stays the same. We are very flexible too, capable of working on a variety of properties.

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