Draught proofing isn’t always worth the money

If there is one feature that stands out on a property, it is the sash windows. This is especially true with sashes that have eye catching layouts. Sadly, original timber frame models are also installations that deteriorate if they go without maintenance for too long. Even modern ones can have trouble with opening and closing because of the internal mechanism. To help, we offer the finest services for sash window restoration Northumberland can ask for. We will take your windows and give them the first class attention they require.

Sash window draught proofing is something that can help improve energy performance and comfort. However, this won’t be the case in every scenario. In these instances, you may waste money and cause issues. To give an example, you may not need to draught proof your bathroom window. You will open it frequently anyway.

When you have the right information about draught proofing, you can make more informed decisions on it. In this article, we shall discuss in more detail why it isn’t always applicable.

More condensation

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandTo begin with, the draught proofing can actually increase the condensation on your glazing. It forms on glass because of moisture in the air. A number of different things can release moisture, including your breath, steam from a bath or kettle, or drying clothes. Because the glass is colder, it can rapidly cool the warm moist air, leaving condensation.

If you already have a problem with condensation forming on sashes, you may want to think carefully about draught seals. They could make matters worse because they trap even more air.

You will want to overcome your condensation issues properly. What you can do is try to remove moisture from the air in your property with a dehumidifier or even certain types of plants. You should also consider double glazing if your sashes don’t have it. They can make the surface warmer thanks to the extra insulation, reducing the risk of condensation forming.

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Is it still cold?

Your sash windows might also be completely or partly sealed and still be cold. If so, draught proofing won’t help here either. It will just be an extra cost. Instead, you should look at the glazing. As we said above, generally speaking if you have double glazing it should enhance the warmth.

We are not saying that draught proofing is a bad thing. It can actually be a helpful upgrade at times. This is especially true if you do have draughts but everything else is fine with the windows. You just need to know when it is not decent value for money. The last thing you want to do is spend needlessly. We hope the information here helps.

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