Some of 2022’s best window colour trends

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandTimber sash windows are a great feature for any kind of home, from period cottages to new builds. You get a lot of choice with them, including different styles such as 6 over 6 or something like 4 over 1. However, you need to think about maintenance. We can help, offering the highest quality services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

One of the best things about having wooden frame windows is you get more freedom to decide on the colour. It is easier to make changes with a coat of paint or two. Selecting a shade that complements your house is wise here because it can complete the look.

Let’s discuss some of the colour trends that have popped up in 2022 to give you an idea of what you may want to choose.


Calming blue shades go together with almost every colour of building material. Using blue and white as an example, this is among the crispest combinations. It generates a clean feeling, as well as a more modern look. Even the smallest areas will become focal points.

Blue goes together well with natural wood too. In fact, it stands out sharply against warm wooden finishes, trims, or furnishings. Go for an intense shade if you have big windows.

Orange and blue is a great combination as well. The shades are directly opposite one another on the colour wheel. Thus, blue tones are going to highlight orange ones in your brickwork and wood. This is going to be a high contrast look for people in love with bold colours. If you need assistance from the number one business working in sash window restoration Northumberland has, give us a call today.


Like blue, green goes together well with white. If you are after a classic crisp contrast, go for this.

Another possibility would be green and yellow. Greens are soft-tone balancing. A warm or sage green is going to look wonderful against yellow-tone walls or sandstone ones.

As for green and wood, the colour works wonders when you pair it with natural textures and shades. Since this is a nature-inspired colour, it effortlessly fits well with natural substances. Because it is an on-trend colour too, it supplies a subtle, soft look.

Sash window renovation in Northumberland to refresh windows

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