Draught proofing your windows

If your sash windows do not have the correct draught proofing in place, this can result in various different problems for your property. As well as providing full sash window restoration in Northumberland and the surrounding areas, we can also deal with any repair and maintenance issues your windows may have, including the application of effective draught proofing systems.

We all want a quiet, relaxing home, but when sash windows start to rattle it can really affect us negatively. Not only will the window itself rattle in the wind, but when a window is loose we will also be disturbed by traffic sounds and other external noise entering the room. Draught proofing provides insulation against unwanted noise and makes for a quieter environment inside the property.

A problem that many of us many not even consider is that a rattling, draughty window allows dirt and dust into the room from outside. With the right draught proofing in place, you will find it much easier to keep the house clean and free from dust.

One major advantage of draught proofing is that it can cut your energy bills. A draughty window allows heat to escape, resulting in a cold and uncomfortable room in the winter and leading us to turn the heating up more to compensate. By having your window draught proofed, you can eliminate this problem and enjoy a cosier, warmer room, while saving money on your bills in the process. Of course, this also has the added bonus that you will be reducing your impact on the environment.

We are highly experienced in all aspects of repairs, replacements and sash window restoration in Northumberland, and we can make sure that your windows not only look great, but that they are also performing at their very best. Whether you want draught proofing, a relatively minor repair or a full replacement or refurbishment service, we are the company to call.