External window condensation can be a good sign

Condensation on the exterior of your windows might appear to be a nuisance. In reality, it is a sign that the seals and glazing are working correctly. What we are going to do is have a closer look at the causes of external window condensation. Also, we will explain why you may be looking at a sign of quality glazing. Then, if you need sash window restoration in Northumberland, you can speak to us.

Outer condensation on vacuum double-glazed windows happens for a reason. It is due to the same fundamental principle as the interior variant. When moist, warm air encounters colder surfaces, the air temperature goes down. It can’t hold as much water anymore. Thus, the excess moisture gets deposited on the cold exterior.


Sash window restoration NorthumberlandFor condensation to happen here, certain conditions must be in place. One of them is the cold surface temperature. The glazing’s outer pane has to be cold, usually cooler than the external air’s dew point. This can occur on clear nights when your windows lose heat to the sky via radiation. Or, the glass can be in shade while the sun warms the air around the window.

Another condition is high outdoor humidity. There has to be enough moisture in the air. High relative humidity means the air is holding a fair amount of moisture. It increases the chances of condensation happening when it encounters the cold window surface.

Temperature differential is up next. A substantial difference between the outer and inner pane temperature is usually required. For vacuum double glazing, the layer between the panes supplies outstanding insulation. The result is a bigger temperature differential if you compare to standard double glazing. If you’re after the foremost services for sash window restoration Northumberland has, come to us.

Then there is calm weather. Windy weather can stop condensation by moving air away from the window’s exterior. It also disrupts the layer of moist air. So, condensation is more likely to manifest on still days or in the early morning when things are calmer. In addition, on clear nights windows are able to radiate their heat to the open sky. This makes them considerably cooler than the surrounding air.

Why is external condensation good?

The key thing here is it’s an indicator that the vacuum double glazing is working properly. The inner pane stays warm through the room’s heating. Moreover, the gas or vacuum between the panes offers decent insulation. It stops the warmth getting to the outer pane. This makes the exterior surface cold enough for condensation to appear when there is high humidity.

If your window glass is cold enough for outside condensation, the insulation is doing its job. It is stopping interior heat from escaping through the glass. Well-insulated windows maintain the warmth of interior glass surfaces.

Exterior condensation indicates energy savings as well. Your home won’t be losing any energy through its windows. Suitable insulation cuts down on energy losses and minimises heating bills in winter.

Interior comfort is another reason why this condensation is good. Windows that stop heat transfer help to preserve a steady internal climate too. It will lower heat penetration in the summer and cold draughts in the winter. What it results in is enhanced comfort levels in your living area.

The condensation is also a sign of quality draught-proofing and glazing. If you see it, especially in the morning, it may be telling you that these are top tier windows with excellent seals and zero leaks.

Lastly, the condensation is good because it means it is less likely to occur inside the windows. When the inner pane is warmer, there is less chance of it inside. This could cause mildew, black mould growth, and other issues.

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