Identifying sash window issues

Even though they are beautiful installations, sash windows can develop issues. These are ones you must address as well or they can compromise the property. When repairing them, it is essential to monitor signs of any complications. By being proactive in this area, you can guarantee the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your sashes. Let’s discuss how you can identify the individual problems you can encounter here. Then, if you need sash window restoration in Northumberland, you can rely on us.

Heat loss via single glazing

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandFirstly, sash windows with single glazing can result in heat loss from your property. The reason for this is that there is less insulation with only a single pane of glass. It won’t do much to retain heat. Whatever the outside temperature is, it will affect the interior temperature a lot.

It is simple to identify whether your windows have single glazing or not. Look at the interior edge. Check whether there are two panes of glass with a spacing system separating them. If so, you have double glazing. If not, it is single. By upgrading your windows, you can increase their energy efficiency.

Rotten wood frames and sashes

These are the result of water exposure, as well as standard wear and tear. However, most don’t realise that you can repair the damage instead of replacing the entire windows. Understanding how to spot rot signs means you can deal with the damaged timber. You can do so while leaving everything else as is. To look for rot, seek out cracks, discolouration, or a sponge-like texture.

Refusal to open or close

Next we have sashes that stick in place so you have trouble opening and closing them. These problems are the easiest to identify. They are often the result of timber swelling in heat. It warps the frame to a point where you can’t move a sash easily anymore.

Should you notice your window not moving freely, get a repair sooner instead of later. Contact us for the top services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Draughts through gaps between frame and sashes

This is a problem that can lead to financial losses. The gaps between the frame and window sash can allow cold air into your property. In turn, you need to use more energy to remain warm.

It can be difficult to discover where a draught is originating from. You should check around the whole frame to see if there is a gap. If you find one, quality draught proofing can resolve the issue. It can also save around 10% of energy bills on average.

A broken window

At times, a forceful impact can result in a sash window breaking altogether. When this happens, it will be obvious. There will be substantial harm to the frame, panes, or both. Accidents happen. Sash windows can be broken. The extent of the damage will determine whether you need repairs or replacement, but in most cases repair should be possible.

Degradation of paintwork

Like with any paintwork, the paint on your sashes can deteriorate with time. Things get worse with the elements. Your windows cool down and heat up, expanding and contracting as a result. Such action can pull at your paint and damage it over time. So, the windows will usually need repainting for them to stay in good condition. Identifying this as a problem is as simple as inspecting the paintwork’s quality from time to time.

Let us look at your old windows and offer sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we excel in the renovation and repair of sash windows. Despite the age of many sashes today, it is still possible for us to retain them. This allows us to preserve their authenticity whilst rejuvenating your property.

So, come to us if you need the foremost services for sash window restoration Northumberland has. We offer great workmanship and excellent value.