Fixing the framework and function of sash windows

One of the most highly sought after features when searching for properties is sash windows, particularly in older and more traditional houses. They are renowned for giving homes enviable appeal and they remain an impressive architectural feature today.

Over time, sash windows can begin to decline, which can severely impact the visual appeal of a property and affect other areas such as energy efficiency and costs. Due to the effects of time and lack of maintenance, the renovation of sash windows has become extremely popular. This is the ideal way to get them fully operational again and restore the property’s visual charm.

People who purchase older properties typically love their traditional style and structure, including the sash windows. Ripping out original features and installing modern alternatives makes it difficult to maintain the historical importance of a building, which is why so many people are opting for restoring their sash windows rather than replacing them.

As the sash window has become such an important aspect of residential architecture, it is important to use a reputable company for any restoration work you require. We are a skilled team that operate to high standards at all times, specialising in professional and conscientious sash window restoration throughout Northumberland. We utilise high quality, modern methods to inspect and restore windows and we strive to produce fantastic results every time.

Our convenient service causes minimal disruption to your property. As we carry out all work from the interior, we have no need for ladders or scaffolding. We begin by preparing windows for treatment by removing all paint and replacing any broken or cracked windows and mechanical features. We also ensure all windows are properly sealed to prevent any damp and rattling. Insulated windows help you bring down your energy use and offer value for money alongside many other long term benefits.

Sash windows are ideal for safeguarding your property against the wet and windy conditions the UK is well known for. Their versatility allows you to ventilate a room whatever the weather, offering maximum comfort along with economical and environmental benefits. If your windows are beginning to deteriorate, do not panic. Our reliable and affordable refurbishment services offer quality solutions and save you the time and expense of replacements.