What do your windows say about you?

The windows of a property play a huge part in the overall character and aesthetics of the building, and can even say a lot about the attitude and beliefs of the owner and residents. Timber sash windows are a particularly fine example of this because they show period sensibilities and a commitment to preservation. They take some work to maintain, but the effort can pay off and see them last for generations.

Sash windows are often very intricate, whether they have two large panes of glass or multiple smaller ones in the upper and lower sashes. Some of the styles can feature multiple panes, including the full Georgian, which has twelve. The layouts vary considerably too and may be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. All of these qualities can make the windows incredibly eye-catching and add real sophistication and grandeur to a property.

The frames for sash windows can feature a huge number of different pieces including the actual timber parts, cords, pulleys and weights. In some cases there can be fifty or more pieces involved. You can imagine just how much skill it takes to manufacture windows like this, particularly using only hand tools. It takes the same amount to maintain and repair them, especially when they age and need to be handled even more carefully.

Modern technology has helped improve the opportunity to preserve old sash windows. People now have access to more accurate tools and machinery to help achieve it. The windows can also be insulated to a much higher standard now so they can provide better energy performance without sacrificing the aesthetics.

At David Humble we are committed to helping property owners who have sash windows. We offer a full restoration service to help retain them, including repairing frames, cords and the panes too. We work on properties of all ages and will do our best to ensure we restore each window so it looks as close to the original as possible. We are proud to be one of the leading providers of sash window restoration in Northumberland and can be on hand to support property owners whenever they need us.