Freeing the sash from the paint

Having worked with sash windows for a long time, we know how vital they are to the structure. It is our job to ensure we bring them back to their prime. Using a perimeter sealing system, we work from inside the building. We take the window and restore it as closely to the original design as we can so it looks great and preserves the charm. Our commitment and results make us the top specialists working in sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Classic sash windows are an original part of numerous period properties. It takes some effort to preserve them, but it is worth it. One issue that likes to pop up though is a window that is troublesome to open. Normally, this happens due to a poor paint job. The paint gets between the frame and the sash, meaning it can’t slide freely. If there has been no lubricating or cleaning work, then things will get even worse. However, we can tackle the problem.

Start with an inspection

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandThe first step is to inspect the window. Start off by ensuring that the sash cords are in one piece. Pull them and see if they are attached to the weights in their pockets. The pulleys may turn, allowing you to feel the weight. In this case, there won’t be an issue. However, if you can’t feel them, there may be broken cords. They will need fixing.

Afterwards, have a close look down those lines where your window runs in the frame runners. A past paint job may be making the sash stick on one or both sides. Examine both the interior and exterior to see if you can see an issue. If you need help with this task, contact the most talented business working in sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Working on the inside

Here you can take a Stanley knife and use the razor blade to score a straight line between the window stops and sash. Push your scraper into the spot along the line and introduce gentle pressure in order to break the bond. Whatever you do, avoid using a hammer and chisel for freeing up the sides. Chisels are too thick and will damage the wood. With too much brute force, you can also break the glass. Repeat this procedure at the meeting rail, and see to it that you have the sash lock unlocked to divide the two sashes.

Working outside

For the outside, use the same approach as the inside. Only this time, you need to cut the paint between the parting bead and the sash. Following this, you should move on to the meeting rail’s underside, and attend to the sash bottom where it meets the windowsill. You should be able to open the window after this.

Free surveys for sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we are extremely professional and know how to get the best results from every job. Not everyone knows if they need a repair or a replacement. For this reason, we have free surveys available. With them, we can offer you advice and a quote for the job.

So, for the finest sash window restoration Northumberland can provide, please let us know.