Retain the period character and future-proof the past

Anyone who has sash windows as part of their property should know how valuable they are. They contribute so much that you should do all you can to keep them in shape. We can help by offering the greatest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has. Not only will we restore your windows, but we will stick as closely to the original design as possible.

A significant architectural feature

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandYou might be the proud owner of a period property that has beautiful timber sashes. If so, you should be aware of the significance of these features. Windows function as the eyes of a house. People look at them and can get an idea of how much you care for the property. So, you need to ensure they are in great shape.

Many owners have the temptation to replace those windows that are beginning to show their age. Most think it might make more sense to install brand new windows that fit in with the 21st century, right? Not necessarily. There is honestly no real need to do this. Read on to discover the reasons why repair is the way to go here.

The character

For one thing, you can protect the building’s period character. There are few things that can be as visually jarring as installing UPVC windows in old buildings. This is true regardless of whether you reside in a Victorian mansion or a country cottage.

There is no need to ruin the structure’s authenticity when refurbishment is a possibility. Windows restored with care are vital to preserving and amplifying the external appeal.

Also, when it comes to moving, you will discover this curb appeal is precisely what buyers want. It will provide superior saleability by preserving the property’s value. The market for properties with original features is quite small too, meaning you can get even more value by saving rare features. Speak to us if you require the leading services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

The past is present

Finally, this kind of work will help you future-proof the past. One of the greatest things about timber sashes is that you can bring them up to modern standards. From double glazing to draught proofing, it is possible to enhance the energy efficiency to get close to what you can find with newer designs. Timber is also better at holding heat. With the right care and attention, your historic installations will remain future-proofed.

Sash window restoration in Northumberland for your needs

At David Humble we take windows that are showing signs of age and restore them to their proper look and functionality. The service can enhance the aesthetics and also make sure they work properly.

So, please give us a call if you require the top services for sash window restoration Northumberland has. It will be a great investment for your property and its future.