Hold onto your timber windows and their benefits

You need the best products for your home. While your sashes might not be in the great shape they once were, don’t give up on them too quickly. We can help them through the leading sash window restoration Northumberland trusts.

Timber windows can suffer from things such as rot when neglected. However this can be avoided with basic maintenance. It is also important to realise that uPVC is not maintenance free, and is more difficult to repair if an issue develops. Timber is therefore a fantastic choice for your windows.


You might not realise it but wood is very durable. Think about how trees can live for hundreds of years. This is despite being exposed to different weather conditions. It only takes a little basic maintenance to keep timber in peak condition. Then, for years to come, you will be able to enjoy it.

Aesthetic Charm

Sashes have a much more traditional look than other styles of window. They provide a little extra luxury for your property. Many people prefer them over the appearance of uPVC. You can also fairly easily add paint to change up the look. This will allow your property to continue to look stunning.

Great Properties

sash window restoration NorthumberlandThis type of window is environmentally friendly thanks to wood being renewable. They take less energy to produce than uPVC versions. Also when they reach the end of their life, the wood is recyclable. They have the potential to last for many years, maybe even decades.

Timber is a great product that provides natural insulation. This will minimise the heat loss from your home. The environment benefits from this and your energy bill does as well.

Perfect Fit

A wide variety of properties can benefit from these windows. They suit period and contemporary buildings while increasing the property value. Your windows will have a long life and will encourage any future buyers.

David Humble is here to help people in need of the leading sash window restoration Northumberland offers. We can transform your windows and bring them back to a superior level of quality. Learn about the services on offer by browsing the site and feel free to reach out.