Make the most of your sash windows

A house built pre-1960 with original windows is a beautiful thing. You should be proud of the character they offer and how perfect they are for your home. Sadly many people will ignore this and get new windows. Their goal may be to make them function better or get benefits like additional insulation. But, this may not always be the case. Our services for the best sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer might be a better solution.

A Fantastic Property Feature

You should only ever throw old windows away when there is no other option. People still often do this though, swapping ones that are 200 years old for brand new ones with only a 5 year guarantee.

Newer vinyl windows release harmful gases into the environment when they go to landfill at the end of their life. With older wood windows, you can rebuild them in most instances to increase their life. If there is no choice but to replace them, you may be able to recycle the timber.

The windows of old houses tend to be high grade wood. These materials are excellent quality and can last a long time because of the fantastic level of durability.

Avoid Replacement Windows

sash window restoration NorthumberlandA huge number of sashes suffer from periods of neglect. This lack of care can lead to some people thinking that they are not worth keeping. However, replacing your sashes will harm the character and appeal of your property and may seriously devalue it.

If a big reason for debating buying new replacement windows is the improved energy efficiency, think again. A little care for your existing sashes is all it takes to ensure top performance. You can use draught proofing for extra insulation. Timber will also absorb very little heat from the room. You can also open the sash wide when the weather is hot, letting in more air and potentially saving on air conditioning.

Keep the original windows of your property lovingly maintained with the right care and services. Sashes are an elegant classic design that will remain strong when you look to David Humble.

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