How do I deal with a sash swollen by moisture?

Sash windows may have been designed to look aesthetically pleasing, but just like any other window they can deteriorate with age. When this happens, you’ll want to react quickly so that you don’t end up spending large amounts of cash on a full on replacement when you could’ve gone for a cheaper option previously. As the experts at sash window restoration Northumberland property owners can trust in, we should be the first ones you call when you need help.

There are many reasons why a sash window would require attention from professionals such as us. Moisture swelling is one of them. The issue can seriously threaten the frame if it is not resolved promptly.

The preferred method of handling a moisture-swollen frame would be to first remove it. This provides easier access and it means it can be sheltered from additional moisture. If the job isn’t too thorough however, it can be left where it is.

The next thing you need to do is strip off the paint so that the wood is bare again. This enables the timber to dry out and shrink back to normal. With no paint, the wood shall not only dry rapidly, but also evenly. Leaving it indoors for anywhere between a few days to two weeks should do the job. Afterwards, there shouldn’t be any trouble with a sticking sash.

Now all that’s left is to repaint using a micro-porous paint or linseed one. Painting needs to be done with care, ensuring that it has a professional finish and doesn’t result in the sashes getting stuck.

At David Humble, we supply flexible restoration services to all of our clients. It’s common for people to be uncertain whether their windows require any work in the first place, so we provide free surveys to those who are conflicted about their installations. If work is needed we will complete it to the highest possible standard.

We are proud to be the most accomplished team for sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer. If we can be of assistance to you, please get in touch. We are able to work on various sashes, catering for different shapes, sizes, and ages.