Give your home a new lease of life with sash windows

One way of improving the exterior image of your home is by refurbishing it. However, this may not be entirely possible for most due to the current economic climate. One way of getting around this is by paying attention to the finer details, particularly your windows. This is especially important if your home is a period property. Refurbishing your current sash windows will make all the difference.
If you weren’t already aware of sash windows’ rich history, you must know about them being a prominent feature of most homes during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Due to this, it is important to restore them correctly for lasting use. Generally when these features have been discovered at a property, most opt for uPVC versions as it’s the easier and quicker choice for solving issues like draught.

A common problem with sash windows is they are not seen as energy efficient; however not many realise this is only because they require a proper restorative job. When the windows have been refurbished correctly this will eliminate any rattling and greatly reduce draughts. In addition, it will save your period property’s look.

Completely removing the windows allows for a thorough refurbishment. This enables joints to be loosened, epoxy to be applied effectively, cords and beading to be replaced, and weights reattached. Working professionally on these small details will mean a more reliable and efficient window system.

To provide you peace of mind that this is reliable information, David Humble has worked with and provided the best sash window restoration Northumberland clients could ask for over the years. We understand the main function for such windows is to allow in as much light as possible, whilst not allowing any heat to escape. Our restoring work will ensure this is achieved.

For an affordable price you can make a window look brand new, giving your period home a new lease of life that is deserves. If you require our expertise please don’t hesitate to contact us today.