How effective are sash windows?

David Humble offers the finest sash window restoration Northumberland and surrounding areas has to offer. You may be thinking that it would be better to replace your windows with modern ones. Yet the truth is, although they may been around for centuries, you can generally still renovate sash windows to a high standard. This is a great option for many reasons.


Sash windows are a piece of history, but after all this time, they are still a secure choice. With a sash, you have the option to lock them while they are open. So, if you want some fresh air, you don’t have to worry about someone opening your window further and gaining access. Modern sashes also have double or even triple glazing; this along with the bars ensures you get peace of mind.


Renovating your windows will save you a lot of money and commotion compared to replacing. In a lot of cases, people spend a lot on replacement. Restoration can give your home a great finish for less.

You may be thinking that wooden sashes are difficult to restore and that it would be better to upgrade. This isn’t the case. Wood is very durable and also an excellent insulator. More importantly, if taken care of a timber frame can last for centuries. Timber windows don’t actually need a great deal of maintenance; they’re reliable. Checking yearly for signs of decay will ensure you don’t lose any quality.

Energy Efficient

Modern materials mean that this traditional window design is as effective as it has ever been. Our expertise will turn any damage or rattling into a thing of the past. This leaves you knowing that you will be left with an energy efficient opening that keeps out draughts as well as damp. Give your home a boost by choosing an experienced service that will leave you with a tough product.


The appearance sash windows give your house adds a special touch. Our renovation service will transform any window that is showing its age. The David Humble team can restore your wooden sashes to match your period property. The character will be retained wherever possible, ensuring you don’t lose any of the features you love.

We will give you a high standard of workmanship every time while working quickly to give you a durable product. If you aren’t certain if your windows need restoring, get in touch for a free survey. You will receive an experienced evaluation you can trust.

Choose us for the best quality performing sash window restoration Northumberland could want. We are just one call away if you want to book an appointment or have any questions.