How to care for your wooden sash windows

A beautiful sash window adds value to your home. Therefore it is important to keep it in good condition so it does not get to a point where it needs replacing. At David Humble we understand that replacements are more expensive compared to restoring the original. Fortunately we provide the best sash window restoration Northumberland has to offer. Our cost effective service allows you to keep your windows in the best shape.

Why You Should Practice Good Maintenance

There are also steps you can take to increase the life span of your windows. They add to the look of your house, and this says a lot about you. A house with poor maintenance gives a bad impression, so keep an eye on the condition of each window. You may have thoughts about replacing them completely, but the truth is sashes are a great feature when properly cared for.

Another benefit of caring for your sash windows is a reduction in your energy bill. Look for draughts and listen for any whistling; this indicates gaps. They may be in the frame or the fitting of the panes. You may need draught proofing. This is a simple fix and will also keep your home warmer.


Some sash windows are wooden. While there are different things that you have to worry about with these, they are generally not much harder to care for. They can be a unique feature for your home, giving a traditional look.

Rot is a common problem with timber. If there are chips or cracks in the paintwork you need to check for any signs of moisture damage. While it may only need a new lick of paint, you should inspect it, looking for rot or soft spots. If there is rot, it needs chiselling out, filling, sanding down and a new coat of sealant.

Repainting the frame every few years lengthens it’s life, protecting from the environment and the weather. Sanding is also an important part of the maintenance. It removes old paint and gives you a smooth surface perfect for a new coat.

You can always contact us to help you. We are professionals and always deliver a beautiful finish. Our passion is making your windows look as good as possible. We can also give advice on whether you need any work done if you are unsure. You should check each window yourself every year, but you can always contact us for our opinion.

Contact David Humble to find out more about how we can help you keep your windows in the best shape. As experts in sash window restoration Northumberland loves, we always aim to give you something as close to the original as possible. That is why our work is so highly regarded.