How to prevent timber sash window deterioration

sash window restoration NorthumberlandTimber windows can last for a very long time and remain in good condition when you carry out regular maintenance. You can do a lot to care for them yourself. When this is not enough, we are here offering the sash window restoration Northumberland relies on.

Something important to remember is that not all timber windows will deteriorate at the same rate. This means that you should check each one individually as factors like use and exposure to the elements will affect how fast this happens.

You should keep an eye out for draughts, difficult operation, and wood rotting. If you discover one of these issues then you should contact a specialist like David Humble who can restore them.

Window Operation

Timber is a material that will expand and contract over time. If you want to help your windows then you should open them regularly. You should also check each part to ensure that they are working correctly and there are no issues. Sometimes sashes will drop as you open them. If this is the case then it is likely that the cord is damaged. We can repair this for you through expert work and specialist tools.


Painting wooden sashes can be great for keeping them in top condition. Darker colours of window will absorb more heat. This will leave them needing repainting more regularly than lighter coloured ones. Be sure to take care at every step so that you achieve the right finish rather than painting them closed.


Draught proof seals can be highly effective but you should carefully clean these regularly. You should draught proof all your windows every 5-10 years to prevent issues from developing. This can leave you uncomfortable and wasting energy trying to heat the cold air that you are letting into your home. In addition make sure that no paint gets on the seals.

Many people refer to us as the best provider of sash window restoration Northumberland could hope for. We take on various jobs to give your windows the attention that they deserve and leave them looking fantastic. Call on us today, whatever age your property is.