Make sure you care for your windows the right way

For sash window restoration Northumberland has no one better to turn to than David Humble. We provide expert services for your sashes and can advise on the best methods to keep your windows in top shape.

Don’t Paint The Wrong Way

sash window restoration NorthumberlandSometimes trying to work on your windows can result in more problems even if you have the best intentions. A big issue is painting over the seals. When it dries the paint can leave the window stuck shut. As a result you have to find a way to free it. This can ruin the work you just did.

You should give your sashes a careful new lick of paint occasionally. This is a part of basic maintenance that will keep them in good shape as well as protected from the weather and moisture. However you need to get it right and shouldn’t paint seals or the lower edges of the sashes.


This is another thing that you need to do right. When it comes to painting, sanding can ensure that you get a good finish that is even. You should be using quality sandpaper with light and even strokes. Make sure you don’t remove too much and always clean up the dust afterwards.

Keep Safe

It might not appear like a dangerous job to work on your windows but you should take care. Working at height and with glass comes with risks as well as the possibility of hurting your fingers in the frame. You should never overestimate your abilities, and must always take the right precautions.

Maintain Insulation

You can lose a lot of heat through your windows, raising your energy usage and costs. Insulation can stop this, as well as ridding the sash of draughts and rattling. It is cost effective and simple, allowing you to avoid unnecessary issues.

Check On Them

Due to the fact that they face the outside, rot is a serious and potential problem that can develop with timber windows. A lot of people don’t attend to it quickly enough. Even when it is minor, it can worsen fast. This leads to peeling paint, blemishes, leaking, and weakened structural integrity. Don’t let this happen; keep an eye on your windows and act quickly if there are problems.

Call In A Specialist

You might be able to complete a repair job on your own, but that doesn’t mean that you should. David Humble has the expertise and tools to restore your windows so that they are in great shape.

When you are looking for an expert in sash window restoration Northumberland based clients can call 01670 515 622.