Improving the aesthetics of timber sash windows

Sash window restoration will be required at one point or another if the frames are made of timber. Operating across Northumberland, our business is one dedicated specifically to the this kind of work. Sash windows really stand out, making people admire the aesthetics and character they provide. Once they fall into disrepair however, they become very unattractive. The best thing to do when this happens is to have us come and rectify the issue immediately.

Traditionally styled timber sash windows are a primary aspect of the character that a period building possesses. As such, it is paramount that efforts are made to retain them. The reasons for this are twofold; you want to ensure that the aesthetic appeal remains intact and because the window style adds value to your property that can’t be so easily replaced.

Sash windows, also known as vertical sliders and a sliding sash to some people, count on a weighted system to permit the heavy windows to fall and lift with ease. For the sashes to move in the box and work as smoothly as they do there’s a 3mm gap that exists between the sash and frame. Disrepair can cause this to widen though, resulting in draughts and rattling. Luckily both issues can be resolved.

One strategy we use to resolve draughts and rattles is to use a perimeter sealing system. It also means we are able to take out the windows and repair them from the inside. This negates the need for ladders in order to get to those hard to reach parts of the property, saving both you and us a great deal of stress.

At David Humble we excel at sash window restoration and can support clients across Northumberland. We go about our work in the most environmentally friendly way possible, protecting both properties and the surroundings too. This makes us stand out from other providers.

We recommend that people have their sash windows checked periodically to ensure they are in good condition. This is a better strategy than waiting for them to develop issues. It is a more proactive option and is better in terms of preservation. We can handle the checks for you if you wish and offer our honest professional opinion about what work they need.