Always look before you fix

Being as timeless as they are stylish, sash windows deserve to be treated with care. No matter how well you look after them though, there will be a point where restoration will be required. When this time does come, David Humble Sash Window Renovation is here you. Not only will we restore your windows to their former glory, but we will do it for a very reasonable price.

Before we carry out any form of window work, the panes have to be examined extensively. Where there is old glass every effort possible should be made to save it. This is important because it may be very difficult to replace like for like. Certain types of glass, including crown, are simply not made anymore so the existing materials need to be preserved wherever possible.

In the past property owners have sacrificed their glass in the name of repair, believing that the frame is more important. In many cases it is the panes themselves that provide the most value though. We take a great deal of effort to preserve these. If yours have unfortunately already been damaged we will try to give you the nearest style possible to the original.

Frames and sashes also need a good inspection before we do anything in order to discover the extent of the damage or decay. The latter can be accomplished with a simple penknife or sharp implement. If the timber is soft it needs to be replaced. One of the main things we look for is decaying at the sill ends, the bottom of the sash rails, and the box frame’s bottom. Decay in these places is often the result of wet rot, but dry rot and woodworm can also cause a lot of trouble.

At David Humble, we plan sash window restoration very carefully ensuring we can provide the right level of service for clients across Northumberland. The thing that makes us the company of choice for many people in the area is that we have a genuine appreciation for this style of windows. We really want them to be retained, especially when they are originals.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask us. We will discuss the inspections we do and each stage of a restoration.