Key steps to restoring sash windows

The most important aspect of sash window restoration is inspecting the frame. Over time, frames can change shape as the property settles and shifts. Moisture and damaged joints can also lead to problems, causing the window to no longer fit snugly. The possible end result is draughts, rattling windows, heat loss and leaks, all of which need to be avoided if you want the property to stay comfortable and pleasant to be in.

Ensuring the window frame is the right shape is crucial. Restorers need to measure carefully and must work with the utmost precision. In some cases the frame may have twisted and this makes restoring them a little trickier. It is important to ensure they are squared up so they fit snugly when they are re-installed.

As well as the shape, it is important to check the frame for any signs of rot. The softer the wood, the more damage moisture can cause. The whole frame should be inspected, testing wherever necessary to make sure there are no soft patches or rotten parts. If there are, these sections will most likely need to be replaced.

Once the frame is in good shape, you can work on the panes, ensuring all of the glass is intact and that they fit properly. If any of them are damaged, it is important to choose glass panes which suit the style of the window. Once panes are in place, they need to be sealed to prevent moisture from getting in around the edges. This will also reduce rattling.

The next step is to fix the weights and pulley systems that allow the window to open and close. Over time they can get tangled, ropes can snap and the weights can shift position and make it tough to open the window smoothly. They should be fixed to allow the window to be used as intended, making sure they are balanced properly so opening and closing the window is easy.

Sash window restoration takes care and precision but provides excellent rewards when done properly, particularly because you’ll be maintaining an important part of the character of the property. At David Humble we focus on sash window restoration in Northumberland, helping clients throughout the region to restore their sash windows and keep them looking their absolute best.