Revitalising tired and worn windows

Sash windows are truly beautiful windows that date back as far as the 1600s. They are often seen in houses from the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian eras, and their style has never truly gone out of fashion. Homes with original sash windows are highly sought after due to their innate beauty and practicality, though many homeowners may choose to have modern sash windows installed. These are often double glazed as opposed to the usual single glazed construction of original sash windows.

Although they look great, sash windows can become damaged for many reasons, and the regular inclement weather in Britain can cause them to deteriorate, particularly old single glazed sash windows. The woodwork can rot over time, the panes may rattle in the wind, the mechanism may stop working on the wood may swell, leaving you unable to open the window. To combat these problems, we offer comprehensive sash window restoration services that will give your windows a new lease of life. Whether you have single or double glazed sash windows, we will offer a comprehensive service that you can depend on for excellent results.

Our experienced team will fully restore your sash windows back to their original beauty. We undertake projects on all kinds of commercial and domestic properties, using specialist techniques we have developed. We’ll take the window apart fully, ensuring that they are comprehensively tested, cleaned and maintained to ensure that they are in complete working order.

We can also install uPVC windows that don’t sacrifice the original style of the sash windows, but ensure that they last for much longer. When you choose our sash window restoration services, you will be preserving their innate beauty while ensuring they give you many more years of service. If you have sash windows that need restoring, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team today. Whatever the problem is, we can provide a solution.