Look out for signs of dry rot

With the right maintenance and upkeep timber windows can last for many, many years. However, if you neglect them they could deteriorate. In the worst cases they could develop dry rot. This can spread quickly and be costly to fix. As the top name for sash window restoration Northumberland has, we know a lot about this issue. So, we are in a great position to offer advice and first rate services.

What is it?

The main cause of both wet and dry rot is water ingress. When too much moisture soaks into the wood it can begin breaking down. This can happen more often in areas with high relative humidity and those that receive a lot of rain. As a result it could be a big concern in the UK.

Why is dry rot worse?

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandWhile both dry and wet rot are both issues you don’t want, the first is more problematic. This is because it can occur when there is just 20% moisture in the timber. For wet rot you usually need around 50%.

As well as requiring less moisture, dry rot is a bigger issue because it can spread. It can begin in one location on a window frame and eventually cause the whole thing to deteriorate. In some cases it can even spread to different parts of the property. At worst it can affect the structural timbers and compromise the stability of a whole building.

What signs to look for?

One thing many people ask us is what they should be looking out for with their timber windows. There are a number of indications that you could have a dry rot problem. The first is spots that are brittle, warping, or shrunken. As the rotting develops, mycelium can grow on the wood. Fungus can also start to grow.

While it may not be a sure sign that you have rotting wood, a damp or musty odour is something to beware of. This will indicate that there is dampness. As soon as you notice the smell, you should take action to ventilate a space and inspect the timber.

Ask us about sash window restoration in Northumberland

Whether you have dry rot or another issue, we may be able to save your windows. In fact, we have spent many years doing this for clients all over Northumberland. Our goal is to save as many of them as we can, especially when they are original period features.

The key to tackling dry rot is to ensure you remove all of it from the timber. We have the skills and experience to do that. Then, we can expertly replace the rotten parts with new wood, making the frame whole again.

So, if you want to arrange sash window restoration, Northumberland has nobody better than us. Get in touch today and ask us how we can save your windows.