What type of wood is your window?

Original timber windows can be one of the most impressive elements of a period property. In some cases they can be over 100 years old and add a kind of character you could not get with modern materials. Because they add so much value, it is important to retain them where possible. We can help with this, offering sash window restoration Northumberland clients can trust in.

Two main categories

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandBefore we can offer restoration it is a good idea to identify what type of wood the frames are. This can affect the kind of service you need to make them look new again.

Generally the timbers fall into one of two categories; hardwood or softwood. Surprisingly the difference between them is not specifically the hardness. You can get hardwoods that are soft and softwoods that are hard. The actual difference is at the cellular level. Hardwood has pores and a more complex structure that make it more durable. Softwood are less durable but offer more versatility. You can also treat them to improve the hardness.

Oak windows

If you have hardwood timber windows they are likely to be oak. It is a premium material that has been popular for centuries. The wood has some really great properties that make it the best for window frames. For example, it has excellent dimensional stability. That means that the windows will be strong and stable. In addition, it has great thermal insulating properties and is a good acoustic insulator. To top it all off, oak is aesthetically pleasing and ages really well.

Accoya windows

The most common softwood for timber windows is accoya. While it may not be as durable and long lasting as a hardwood, it is a really great choice. What makes it so good is the fact you can treat it to improve its durability, thermal insulation, and weatherproofing. The treatment can also make the wood insect repellent. With the right maintenance these windows can last for a very long time.

Other materials

While oak and accoya are the two most common types of wood, there are a number of other materials for windows. For example they could be a hardwood like teak or sapele. Some other softwoods you may see include red cedar and Douglas fir.

Expert sash window restoration in Northumberland

David Humble works hard to retain beautiful timber windows. We have all the skills we need to do this with most kinds of timber, even if there are issues like rot. Our aim is to restore every viable window, whether it is a lovely period feature or a newer model. This is better for the character of the property and helps the environment too.

So, if you have old sash windows that could use a little help, contact us. We are the best at sash window restoration Northumberland has. You can get an idea of how good we are by viewing some of the projects in our gallery.