Looking after Victorian sash windows

Looking after Victorian sash windows

sash window restoration NorthumberlandIf you are in need of sash window restoration Northumberland has a suitable business ready and waiting. We serve the entire area and help everyone with rectifying the issues with their sashes. No matter what the circumstances are, we always find a way to get the greatest outcome.

The period charm and character of a property can usually depend on the aesthetics of the windows. Nowhere else is this truer than it is with Victorian sash windows. There may be a big temptation to replace your original windows. However, you should avoid doing so. There will be a decrease in the historical and aesthetic value if you do this. It shall make the replacement a false economy. Saying this, we have some advice for looking after these sashes that you will want to read.

Draught proofing

One thing you can do is retrofit them using draught proofing. There is a persisting issue that people encounter with Victorian sashes. It is rattling windows and draughtiness. During their peak, these sash windows would have been relatively free of draughts. A century or two spent sliding them can result in gaps. You need to fix them so the cold air can’t get in.

Classic draught proofing measures typically consist of routering out wood channels in your frame to fit brushes. However, this is a damaging and invasive procedure capable of causing lasting harm. What you should do instead is go for something less invasive.

The right paint

Make sure you use long lasting paint as well. This is not all about cosmetics however. A decent paint job will allow you to maintain your windows for the foreseeable future. With one, you can avoid issues like water ingress, mould, and dirt. It should also last longer before starting to show signs of wear, including flaking and fading.

Reliable sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we are confident we can take any sash and return it to its former high performing glory. Our most popular solution is using a perimeter sealing system. This allows us to work from the inside rather than outside. As a result the job is much easier and less costly.

If you need assistance from the leading company for sash window restoration Northumberland has, speak to us. You won’t find a better service than the one we offer.