Making your windows look like new again

Sash windows give a property a desirable and unique aesthetic appeal, and this makes them incredibly popular with homeowners throughout the UK. Sash windows look sensational, but they are not invulnerable to damage and wear and tear. The major benefit of sash windows is that they can be restored. We specialise in sash window restoration in Northumberland, and we can ensure your property retains its authentic charm.

Sash windows are often found on older properties. It is not uncommon for people to assume that once their sash windows begin to show signs of damage, the inevitable next step is replacement. Restoration, however, not only enables you to keep your sash windows but is also considerably cheaper than replacement.

Our process is meticulously executed and focuses on restoring high quality and efficiency. We can make your sash windows look like newly installed products, while causing as little disruption as possible. We use a specialised sealing system that enables us to carry out the work from the inside of your building and avoids the need for ladders and external access. This helps us complete tasks safely, swiftly and with minimal inconvenience.

The sealant is highly recommended for older windows as it does not detract from appearance and offers protection against draughts and dust. Insufficiently sealed sash windows can lead to all manner of issues such as rattling windows, damp and rising energy bills as you try to compensate. The increased insulation provided by restoration will deliver long term economical benefits.

We replace all damaged glass, deglaze sashes and remove old paint to prepare the frame for treatment. We also repair any cracks, chips and other defects and we replace pulleys to ensure full efficiency when refitted. After the sashes have been reglazed they are refitted and balanced and we also install new sash lifts and a replacement catch. We provide free surveys and accurate quotes, so if you are unsure of the level of attention your windows need, we will be happy to assess their condition. If you need affordable and reliable sash window restoration in Northumberland contact us for information and we will be happy to help.