Maintaining and restoring traditional windows

Sash windows are attractive features, particularly for historic properties, but they don’t come without problems. They require a little more care than modern windows because of the opening and closing mechanism, but you’ll get all of the benefits of the style if you put the effort in. If you have timber ones you’ll need to keep an eye on them to make sure they are weatherproof and not showing any signs of wear such as cracked paint, warping or rot. Alternatively you could call on an experienced restoration specialist to help you.

We specialise in sash window restoration in Northumberland, and we can be hired to provide basic services like repainting and repairing mechanisms or a full renovation of the entire unit. The earlier you notice the problem and seek help the more of the window you will save and the less it will cost to fix it. This is why it is a very good idea to check them often and do routine maintenance regularly.

Good quality hardwood sash windows are always the easiest to restore. With cheaper, low quality timber ones you may find replacement is the only option, especially if the timbers are soft and rotten. Hardwoods don’t rot as much and should hold their shape better over time. If sections of them do rot you can usually cut the section out and replace it, a far cheaper option than replacing the whole unit.

It is possible to DIY your window restoration but it takes a lot of care, especially if the unit needs to be removed to be repaired. In these cases it is usually better to hire our specialist team because you could potentially damage walls in the process. With expert help you can ensure your windows get the care they need and are returned to a great condition.

We provide a full range of services for all kinds of property owners, carrying out versatile sash window restoration in Northumberland. We have experience of working on properties from various periods and always seek to return windows to their previous glory. When any replacement parts are needed we will always try to match them to the age so you don’t lose the original character.