Open your mind… and sash window

Sash windows do a better job of making a property stand out than other designs do. This will last for as long as you look after them. If you’re slacking in the upkeep though, they can deteriorate. Should that happen, you will want to get our expert team in to handle it fast. We’re known for offering the finest services for sash window restoration in Northumberland.

With older sash windows, you might discover that they are a tad stiff. The window frames are primarily wooden. They can swell depending on the weather, resulting in opening issues. If you are not sure what to do, there is no need to worry. We’re here to explain everything.

How do I open these windows?

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandWhen opening your window, hold the top sash in position with one hand to stop it moving. With your second hand, push up gently on the bottom sash. Lift from the sides or centre and don’t place excessive pressure on the corners. Smoothly raise the bottom sash upwards. If your window feels stuck, don’t force it open.

For double-hung designs, when the bottom sash is completely open, release the top sash. Pull down on your top sash gently whilst holding your bottom sash stable. Lower the top sash to produce extra ventilation room. Make sure you don’t close the gap between the sashes though.

If you have done all this and the window still isn’t opening, look for window locks. Many sash installations come with a locking mechanism that stops undesired opening. Locate and disengage the latch to open it up.

Some of you may have a sash window that is not opening smoothly or is damaged. If so, you should consider professional repairs. Attempting to do work by yourself can lead to more damage. Contact us if you desire the greatest services for sash window restoration in Northumberland.

What’s stopping my sash from opening?

In terms of what can stop the sash window from opening, there are a few things. One of them is paint. Layers of paint can lead to the windows sticking and not opening right. Scraping the excess off can help. It could also be a case of your window being painted shut. If it get between the frame and sash, they can stick together. It’s possible to carefully cut and lubricate to free your window.

Swollen wood is another potential candidate. The wood frames can swell thanks to humidity or moisture. The window can stick and not open correctly. You can try letting the wood dry out to help.

Broken cords can also cause trouble. Older sash windows come with counterbalance cords and pulleys. They let you raise and lower your window. But, if these cords break, it will stop it from moving. You can replace the cords to fix this problem.

Weather strips may be causing problems too. The draught proofing of sash windows does offer insulation. But if it is too tight, it can restrict the movement. Try replacing or adjusting the stripping.

Opt for expert aid

Let’s say you have a swollen window frame, weather stripping that is too tight, or a broken sash cord. With these problems, it is preferable to get the experts in to repair them. These problems can be too advanced for DIY workers. They demand more time to research how to fix them. Therefore, you should trust us for sash window restoration in Northumberland.

Sash cord replacement consists of removing weights and routing new cord pulleys. You then need to restring the new cord correctly to correct the balances. It demands specialised knowledge and tools. Most DIYers won’t have either.

Excessive tight weather stripping will need adjustment or a full on replacement. This is so you can lower friction whilst preserving the seal. Figuring out the optimal stripping demands expertise.

Swollen window frames need you to identify and address the moisture source responsible. It may be a complex case. Once dry, your frame might need planing or sanding to enhance the fit.

Attempting to DIY these repairs without proper understanding will risk damaging the window. Or, you may not fix things correctly. The cost of professional refurbishment is justified. Amateur work often only serves to cause problems and headaches. Instead, let us handle it.

We prefer a more efficient approach to sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we specialise in the repair, restoration, and renovation of sash windows. Using specialist tools as well as our extensive knowledge, we work from the inside. This is a more convenient method that saves on time. The work we do is a great alternative to a full on replacement.

So, if you desire the leading services for sash window restoration in Northumberland, give us a call. We can offer a free survey for any property to give you an accurate quote.