Reducing heat loss with original sash windows

A lot of old homes have original sash windows. Despite being charming, they can be a tad draughty. This can result in substantial heat loss, making rooms feel uncomfortable and cold. Finding more inventive ways to keep properties warm is important right now. However, you don’t need to lose out on the character your windows provide. We can offer solutions and the best services for sash window restoration in Northumberland.

There are multiple cost efficient ways you can improve comfort as well as efficiency. We are going to explore the top approaches to cutting draughts and maintaining the charm of your sashes.

Draught proofing

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandOne thing you can do is invest in draught proofing. Draughts are a major issue because they let cold air into the room. It can quickly ruin your attempts to keep it warm. Plus, the gaps can allow heat to escape too, making the issue even worse. So, it is a good idea to draught proof the windows. It can even help in preserving them by preventing water from getting into the frames and causing rot.

When your older windows need repairs, you should work with someone that knows their stuff. You will need a passionate team that respects heritage and knows how to handle original materials. The right people can seal draughts, refresh stuck sashes, and replace broken parts. As a result, everything will work like new. Choose professional care to maintain the charm and function of your original windows. Talk to us if you need the finest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Weather stripping

You can also try adding weather stripping. This is one of the most effective and easiest ways of minimising draughts. What it does is introduce a seal around your sashes to close spaces that let cold air in when your windows are shut.

For weather stripping original windows, you have a few options. Foam tape is simple and cheap to install. Additionally, it comes in a compressible state that inserts into those channels between the sashes. It blocks gaps and comes in multiple thicknesses.

Or, you could use vinyl or rubber weather stripping by gluing or pinning it in place. You will have a tight seal. The strips will conform to irregular gaps too.

It is essential to take accurate measurements and determine gap widths here. Do this to select the right option for every window. Furthermore, you should carefully clean and prepare the channels between sashes before installation. If you choose expert sash window restoration in Northumberland, it can handle all of this.

Insulating shades and curtains

Consider insulating shades and curtains as well. Adding insulation with them is a great way to place another barrier between the cold air outside and your windows. Layered curtains created using a dense fabric help stop heat loss through windows. Wool and velvet are good examples. For top tier insulation, hang curtains as near to the window as you can. In addition, extend them beyond the window edges to take care of gaps.

Insulating blinds are another good choice for sash windows. They possess small air pockets in the fabric. The result is a thermal barrier. They are particularly handy for single-pane windows. The “honeycomb” construction works to block the loss of warm interior air.

Caulk window edges

Finally, you can seal around the edges using caulk. It will fill in any gaps and cracks where your window frames meet the walls, mouldings, or sills. It’ll help prevent cold air infiltration and heat loss.

When selecting caulk for windows, opt for a first rate silicone, latex acrylic, or polyurethane formula. These offer enduring flexibility to tolerate temperature changes and preserve the seal. Remove cracked, old caulk and do some cleaning to guarantee the new caulk sticks.

We know sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we excel in the renovation, repair, and restoration of sashes. By using our perimeter sealing system, we can work on them from the inside. This is a quicker and more convenient approach. We will have your windows back to the way they were in no time. In addition, it reduces the heat loss afterwards too.

So, contact us if you need the greatest services for sash window restoration Northumberland can offer. We can give you the very best results.