Proper window restoration does wonders for house sales

The aim of our company is to offer clients the finest sash window restoration in Northumberland. An excellent addition to any home, this style of windows does a brilliant job of making your house stand out. This is particularly true with original features and highly decorative ones.

If the sashes are permitted to deteriorate however, it’s quite the opposite. Possessing an unmatched level of expertise when it comes to restoration, we are the ones to contact if your sash windows require some attention.

If you intend to restore any of your home’s period features, it’s worth doing it properly. Aside from preserving an integral aspect of the country’s architectural history, you are also making something of a financial investment in your structure. Inappropriate or incorrect workmanship will have the opposite affect, potentially ruining the aesthetics completely.

In one of their previous surveys of estate agents that were handling period properties, English Heritage was able to expose two prominent statistics. About 82% of those who were consulted considered that original characteristics added on to the sale price. Additionally 78% of those questioned felt that properties sold faster if they were rich in original traits.

A number of aged buildings have managed to evolve throughout the years, changing in response to the specifications of the generations. Because of this, numerous structures consist of period attributes that originate from different eras. In one property, one might discover hallmarks from both Georgian and Victorian architecture, like sash and bay windows for example.

The golden rule with sash window restoration in particular is to maintain as much of the original wood as possible. Regardless of whether there’s a substantial degree of work involved, restoring wooden frames typically represents a greater investment than replacing does.

At David Humble we take every tired and worn sash window and apply our extensive skills to return them to their former glory. Window repairs can be troublesome, as many individuals use methods that involve using a ladder and removing them from the exterior. With our perimeter sealing system however, things move at a far quicker pace, as we’re able to take out and repair your sashes from the inside.

If we can assist you in any way, please let us know. Our reputation as a leading provider of sash window restoration in Northumberland is built on offering the very best services.