The right way to paint sash windows

One of the very last stages when it comes to restoring timber sash windows is painting them. This helps to improve the aesthetics whilst also simultaneously protecting the substrate materials. With good quality paint the timbers will be protected from moisture, dirt, and other problems.

At David Humble we know the value of a good paint job. As a leading provider of sash window restoration in Northumberland we have seen just how much protection it can offer the windows. On the other hand we are also well acquainted with the problems incorrect or poor quality painting can cause. Issues such as sticking can be traced back to bad paint practice.

One of the things that many people do that leads to sticking is paint the sides of the frame. When doing this it increases friction, making it harder for the sash to slide up and down. The end result is a window that sticks.

The edges of sash windows have been left bare for hundreds of years to avoid that exact problem. After-all they are barely visible and are generally protected from the elements whether the window is open or closed. This means there is little reason to paint them.

Leaving the edges bare is also beneficial if the timbers do get wet for one reason or another. A coat of paint will keep the moisture locked in for longer, potentially leading to worse issues. Bare edges will dry out much faster, protecting the timber.

For the same reasons as above it is generally best to leave the top of the upper sash and bottom of the lower one unpainted. This will also help to prevent sticking and means you don’t need to leave both open whilst the paint dries.

For the parts of the window that do need painting it is best to use a quality oil based primer. Whatever type of paint you choose ensure it is high quality and will dry to create a hard protective coating. Try using one that will cure quickly so you aren’t waiting too long before you can put the windows back in. If you rush this you will affect the finish.

If you need sash window restoration in Northumberland we urge you to contact our team. We will provide the best services and fantastic advice too.