Protect your wooden sash windows this winter

One of the absolute worse things that can happen in winter is to find that your window has a draught. Trying to keep your home warm while a stream of freezing air is getting in is never nice. Sadly draughts can happen with various windows. If you have wooden sashes, you may need to take action. We can help by offering the best services for sash window restoration in Northumberland.

What causes the issue?

A number of things can lead to draughts with wooden sashes. Most problematic in winter is you may have cracks and issues with the paint. The problem is that any of these can allow moisture to get into the wood. When that happens it can swell, creating movements along the joints that can result in draughts.

A lot of people with sash windows will also have some form of draught proofing. This could be simple seals and foam excluders. While they can work wonders, in time they can suffer wear and tear and the performance can dip. You may even find they no longer keep the cold air out.

What to do?

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandWe can be on hand here to offer sash window restoration in Northumberland. However, a full service may not be necessary. There could be some things you can try before that.

Firstly you need to inspect the windows to get an idea of the condition. Check the paint in particular for signs of peeling, cracking, flaking, and other problems. Keep in mind that the paint coating is a vital layer of protection against moisture. If there are any flaws with this barrier, water can get into the wood and you can have issues.

If you do see signs of trouble with the paint, it is a good idea to repaint. You can’t just start slapping it on though. You need to do the prep first. The starting point is to remove any paint that is crumbling or flaking. Sanding will help here. You can then paint carefully to ensure there is a full new protective coating.

In addition, you can check the draught proofing. It may be necessary to replace seals and excluders. If the window doesn’t have any, you can apply them. You just need to take care here to make sure the windows can still open and close smoothly.

You may also be able to overcome draught issues with curtains. While it won’t resolve the issue if it is happening because of the window, a thick curtain can block the draughts from entering your room. It can be a temporary fix before you can get help.

Choose expert sash window restoration in Northumberland

If you still have problems, it is time to call the experts. At David Humble we commit to saving these windows to ensure people can keep enjoying them. We can provide restorations for almost any need, including draughty original timber frames. Our level of skill and workmanship is exceptional, so you get great value.

You can contact us for advice if you have any trouble with sashes. Then, if you need sash window restoration in Northumberland we can offer a quote and further details. We have a reputation for working quickly but still achieving the best results.