Vertical sliders or hinged casements?

Sash windows are features that make homes stand out. Thus, you need to do whatever you can to keep them in excellent condition. We help here by offering the finest services for sash window restoration in Northumberland. Thanks to our efforts, property owners can go about their business without having to worry about their windows.

For some, box sashes are a period detail dream. They supply the classic design elegance that countless individuals seek. This comes at a price though. Normally, they only have single glazing, leak at times, and prove to be thermally inefficient. They can also be draughty and not particularly good at halting the ingress of sound.

Luckily, introducing secondary glazing means you can get the best of both worlds. There is classic elegance with the performance of a contemporary window. However, which secondary glazing variant is superior? There are those who can’t decide between vertical sliders and hung casements. The answer here goes beyond taste. You must keep practical considerations in mind as well.

Side hung secondary glazing considerations

Sash window restoration NorthumberlandThese casements are a popular choice. You get a fully glazed unit to cover the whole window with one pane of glass. As a result you have a slick treatment with clean lines.

This is preferable if you are after a contemporary minimalist interior. The casement will supply an uninterrupted view of the main window since they don’t add new sightlines. Also, when you open them, they offer full access for maintenance and cleaning for both the main and secondary window.

However, you should be aware that they have hinges so they open into the room. Thus, you must think carefully about things that can limit their operation. Furniture, partitions, pelmets, kitchen taps, curtains, and blinds need to be clear in front of the opening.

Additionally, you need to give consideration to how you will ventilate the building. If you are using the opening for natural ventilation, you must leave the casement in the open position. It will need to be turned into the room for the duration.

One other consideration here comes with the glazing. The bead glazed arrangements on certain casements permit you to use a deeper glazing pocket. As such, you can fit sealed units. This may be an essential detail if you are after high levels of thermal performance. Let us know if you need the finest services for sash window restoration Northumberland has.

Vertical sliding secondary glazing considerations

This is also a popular choice. They match the design of the current box sash. Normally, they have two sashes that slide down and up. Each one is suspended by spiral balances to support the weight in any position, closed or open. Even though they possess a meeting rail, it is a slim area that has a similar size to the box sash. The sashes slide within the frame. So, they have minimal impact on window fixtures, furniture, or furnishing in front of the opening.

Moreover, vertical sliders are superior in terms of natural ventilation. You can hold the sashes open in any position, just like the main window. Actually, you can open opposing sashes, giving you the ultimate control.

The ventilation and operations benefits are offset slightly though. This is by limitations for cleaning the secondary glazing’s rear and access to catches and locks on the box sash.

One other fact is that this restriction can be increasingly exaggerated by the existing window. This is if it has dissimilar size sashes, or if you need to have the secondary glazing near the main window. In truth, a minimum cavity of 75mm is wise to offer cleaning access.

Work with our flexible business for sash window restoration in Northumberland

At David Humble, we are a flexible company that is capable of working on various kinds of buildings. Besides homes, we can provide services for workplaces and more. Thus, anyone suffering from window problems can benefit from our work. We can also advise about new additions like secondary glazing.

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