Providing your windows with some fresh paint

Sash windows are a brilliant feature of many homes, due to the style and elegance that they bestow upon the property. As such, owners will want to take measures to ensure that they remain in top condition. In order to prevent them from becoming nothing more than an eye sore, the best bet would be to call on the assistance of our professional restoration services.

The sliding sash window has existed for over three hundred years, with the operating principle remaining practically unchanged during this time. The windows are made in a way in which they can be dismantled simply for repairing or replacing the chords that allow them to open and close. Not everyone succeeds in realising this however and believe the only viable option is replacement, which is not the case.

When it comes to giving your windows a new paint job, any outstanding repairs need to be sorted out first. This means that when you come round to painting you don’t need to worry about having to do a repair and ruin the coat.

Afterwards, the previous paintwork should be washed down with soda, detergent or sugar soap and rinsed off afterwards. Pumice or sandpaper can then be used to rub down the windows. If a lead based paint has been used though, a wet or damp process must be used to prevent the release of toxic dusts.

Questions relating to where the colours should finish often arise, especially when working with the runners of sash windows. No hard and fast rules exist here, but the issue becomes acute when sharply contrasting colours are utilised. A certain degree of judgement is called for in terms of the paints, but generally speaking, the simplest solution would be to have the runners the same colour as the sash.

At David Humble we provide comprehensive sash window restoration services to the entire Northumberland area. With our help, your windows shall be quickly restored to all of their elegant glory. If you have questions or want to arrange a consultation don’t hesitate to contact us.