Sash chord repair done correctly

Sash windows should be respected because they can add value to your home. This is thanks in no small part to their elegance and style. Once they begin to deteriorate they can have quite the opposite effect though, which is why we offer sash window restoration services to the whole Northumberland area. As opposed to replacements restoring the windows can result in a smaller bill, making them the ideal choice when signs of wear and tear start to show.

By far the most common repairs made to sash windows are the chords. These are essential for allowing the window to open and close. There will be chords attached to weights and a series of pulleys in each sash. These can snap or get tangled, meaning the window will no long function properly. Repairs or replacements will resolve the issue though.

The sash chord can come in a plethora of materials in different diameters, including waxed and unwaxed hemp, along with synthetic fibres. It is essential that the new chord has the same diameter as the old one to ensure it fits properly. As a result it is best for it to be checked before repairs take place.

If both upper and lower sashes are to be removed, labelling the weights is an excellent way of telling which one comes from which. They may look the same but don’t let that fool you; they may still be different, even if it’s only slight. If you end up putting them the wrong way when reinstalling them the sashes could end up not running very smoothly.

At David Humble we are specialists when it comes to sash window restoration. Damage can be tricky to determine but you need not worry, as we provide a free survey for those who are unsure. Following the survey, we provide a precise price for the work that needs to be done; no hidden costs are involved with us. If you would like one on our surveys carried out on your sash windows, feel free to call us.