Renovating your old windows this summer

As the summer months roll around many people will be looking to try and take advantage of the warm weather as much as possible. One thing you may not look at though is the condition of your windows. After all, this is the time of year when you will typically want to let air into your property to help keep it cool and fresh. Sadly the problem can also let the heat in, potentially making your air conditioning have to work much harder.

Everyone knows that old windows can make your house colder in the winter. A similar problem can occur in the summer too. If your windows are unable to keep the cold out then they won’t be able to stop the hot, sticky, humid weather getting in. As much as the hot weather is great, many people like their homes to be air conditioned to have a place to escape the heat. Having your old sash windows restored by us can help keep the humid weather out and ensure your air conditioning works efficiently. The fact that the system will be more effective as a result could potentially save money in energy bills.

If you are looking to sell your home this summer restoring the sash windows can add real curb appeal to your property. They look elegant and function very well when they are in a good condition, keeping draughts out when they are closed and allowing air in when they are opened. If they are properly sealed they can also help to keep insects out of your home when they are closed, leaving fewer spaces for them to pass through to gain entry.

One of the main attractions to getting your old sash windows restored is the preparation for the winter months. Having them restored in the summer whilst it is warm means that you won’t be caught short in the winter because you are fully prepared. This means you can earn big benefits now whilst also taking steps to keep your property comfortable later in the year.

At David Humble we excel at sash window restoration and offer flexible services for clients all across Northumberland. If you want to restore your windows this summer we can do the job for you and ensure they look fantastic and function just as well.